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We specialize in Wyoming Green River Formation fossils. We uncover common and rare fish, stingrays, shrimp, and crayfish. If you wish to dig up your own fossil one day, please let us know and we will give you a guided tour of the quarry and show you how to split the rock and then prep the fossil or fossils that you have found!

Our shop also carries a variety of minerals, fossils and wood carvings  from all over the world for you to see, buy and enjoy. So when you plan your next vacation, please come and see us.

Come visit us at:     431 Front Street, Evanston WY 82930
Or contacts us by Phone: 307-789-8737 or Email:
Please watch our video for information and a quick tour of
Antares Fossils and Minirals!


Robbie DeJongh owned Antares Fossils and Minerals in Evanston, Wyoming.  He was a driller, welder, mechanic, builder, who later became interested in geology and paleontology. He also wrote poetry, which have been used as lyrics for some songs by The Late Boomers. Unfortunately he's passed on now but his sister Lily and brother in law Tony is carrying on his legacy and his sister writes too so we'll try and keep it going. Click below to listen to a couple songs. The album can be purchased at Antares Fossils and Minerals.

Click here to listen to “Old Chevy Truck”

Click here to listen to “Icarus”